Global Supervisory Services

Global Supervisory Services

Your eyes on Ground

IFPLS has contracted hundreds of Local supervisors in each country, we also managed to have a local dedicated supervisor in each airport in some countries to assist your crew, Supervise and coordinate the activities of passengers check-in, boarding, luggage loading, unloading, securing, and staging of aircraft cargo or baggage. Our dedicated supervisors will be accompanying the aircraft Crew as members of your company to monitor and handle any matter promptly and assist and brief the crew with any service they may require.

IFPLS Supervisors are well trained to:

·        Supervise and manage staff to deliver excellent customer service

·        Maintain applicable safety and performance standards

·        Develop and build good relations with customers and Airport authorities

·        Report irregularities and take appropriate action

·        Participate and contribute to internal and customer meetings

·        Conduct daily shift briefings

·        Conduct safety meetings/briefings

·        Ensure workforce adherence to company policies and Service level agreement

IFPLS hires high qualified local personnel with long experience in aviation and Airport services, they can assist our clients with the most effective advice and coordination with the airport authorities on the ground, to ensure your crew team is relaxed and ready to operate their next duty without any sudden issue.

Apply for our dedicated supervision services via our online services portal or to our 24/7 operations team