Supervisory Services in Lebanon

Supervisory Services in Lebanon

Supervision in OLBA / BEY

IFPLS provides Supervisory, Station Management, and ground handling services on a Credit or Cash basis at Rafic Hariri International Airport - Beirut. We have recorded a large number of complete flights handling and high-quality service, IFPLS has been well known for its VIP airport handling standards and we are committed to deliver the most efficient and client focused services. IFPLS offers 24-hour full airport services to a lot of major scheduled and ad-hoc airlines.

IFPLS has active agreements with all Ground handlers in Lebanon, and Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport; You can count on IFPLS whenever you are operating Passenger flights, Cargo Flights, Diplomatic flights, Ambulance flights, or VIP flights.

Passenger Focused Services

We believe that aviation has been invented to serve peoples, IFPLS works to obtain the highest passengers’ satisfaction. Therefore, we dedicated multi-lingual Ground coordinators with friendly attitudes who are experts in providing professional and high-quality customer services. Our professional team will be keen to meet your client needs and they will be pleased to serve your passengers’ special requirements.

Extraordinary Ramp Support

Experienced staff will assist your crew to finalize their on-ground mission at the quickest time possible.  our dispatchers are aware and trained in how to use the ground support equipment to ensure loading/unloading and transportation of baggage, cargo, and mail to/from the aircraft as well as other GSE including GPU, ASU, ACU, Tow bar less Pushback, water services, container palette loaders and Load control,

Simplify your Cargo handling Procedures

 Well-trained staff will be helping your aircrew and ground operations to introduce the newly implemented cargo management system in Beirut – Rafic Hariri Airport to ensure that your customers get their shipments in time, IFPLS team will also rush up the ground service to make sure the Cargo break down is done as fast as possible, our team will coordinate with all possible parties to have the mission done on time and all of your pallets are on board before departure with the highest level of reliability, we can assure that your clients’ shipment will be accommodated in the warehouse and we provide you with reports whenever they got their imported cargo.


Our Supervisory Services includes but not limited to the following:

-        Provide Turnaround coordinator (TRC)- Ensure the third parties are informed about operational data and Carrier's requirements in a timely manner.

-        Liaise with the Carrier's designated representative

-        Verify availability and preparedness of personnel, equipment, Loads, documentation of third parties.

-        Meet aircraft upon arrival and liaise with crew.

-        Decide on non-routine matters.

-        Verify dispatch of operational messages.

-        Note irregularities and inform the Carrier.

-        Supervising Passenger Check-in and Luggage hand over

-        Supervising passenger boarding, open counters in time and compare the passenger list with the latest updated manifest provided by the carrier

-        Lost and found interference in case needed

-        Ground handling supervision

-        Paying Ground handling, airport fees, fuel ...etc.

-        ATC coordination and preparation to have the aircraft ready to depart in time without any delay.

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