Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking

New era of flight Tracking services

Once airborne and all pre-flight procedures have been carried out, preciseness and adherence to flight plans while keeping vigilant to possible emergencies are of high significance to the air crew. During a flight, the crew is indulged in following safety procedures and updating operations of their status. Thus, such procedures must be assisted and backed with sufficient flexibility, advanced technology and coordination. IFPLS Flight Tracking Service ensures that you are at ease all through the way.

The service consists of monitoring the progress of your flight through the various Flight Information Centers (FIC), in combination with end-route radar surveillance and Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) broadcasts. With that being said, we exactly know where your aircraft is, the type of aircraft you are flying, and where you are heading. If you have multiple aircrafts, flying to various destinations around the world, then this is the perfect service for you.

Let IFPLS be your eye in the sky and fixed support on ground. The choice that frees up your time and resources.