Curaçao , Aruba (Beatrix), Bonaire (Curacao Air Navigation Charges)

Curaçao , Aruba (Beatrix), Bonaire (Curacao Air Navigation Charges)

Curaçao , Aruba (Beatrix), Bonaire (Curacao Air Navigation Charges)

A tiny islands in the Caribbean Sea in the Dutch Caribbean region, Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire forming together the ABC islands. Consist of too much small main lands with huge Flight information region in the Sky, this Barely visible countries in the map can cause you troubles in the sky if you are not aware of its Navigation charges and its repeatedly "decline messages" you may face when you filed your flight plan that is crossing (TNCF FIR).

Operators who plan a flight to transit (TNCF FIR) and do not have an account or insufficient deposit in their account, cannot transit( TNCF FIR). If you accidently get any message from the TNCF FIR telling you that “ THE FLIGHT PLAN YOU HAVE SUBMITTED HAS BEEN DECLINED AS YOUR AIRCRAFT REGISTRATION IS NOT KNOWN TO DCANSP OR YOUR ACCOUNT WITH ANSP DOES NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT FUNDS FOR THAT FLIGHT” then don’t hesitate to contact IFPLS OPS team Immediately to solve this problem for you. As our account is always ready to serve your flight and to cover your Navigation charges as needed by Curaçao Flight information Region.


Generally Curacao FIR is an open sky region, overflight permit is not required to be obtained prior to the flight unless you have a special flight permit that requires to notify the Competent authorities along your entire route to get them notified and approved your flight, but incase you have overdue debts for the navigation charges, or the CAA asked you to pay the Navigation in Advance due to some reason, you have to check immediately to solve the payment issue or your will be denied to enter to TNCF FIR by the Dutch Caribbean Region Towers.


IFPLS will be pleased to help you with your flight planning via Dutch Caribbean Region and Curacao FIR, and we will be happy to help you 24/7 even in very short notice to solve your navigation charges payment for your flights with no time.


If you may have any problem or any inquiry about Curcao (TNCF FIR) or received any decline message from Curacao Tower TNCFZQZX, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected] or via phone call or whatsapp message to our hotline:+96171122444 and we will  solve your issue by magic without any delay.